It's not enough to just consider investments. Because the concerns of outliving your money, preparing for retirement, or knowing the best strategies to optimize your retirement income are just a few of the infinite financial issues you may face.


We prefer not to operate blindly

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Managing your investments without studying your tax return or estate documents is like performing surgery without an MRI. Including estate, insurance, and tax strategy helps take in the full picture.

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Does your financial team act like one?

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No one firm knows everything. At Glassman, we partner with robust research firms to help us model portfolios and make decisions. Adding perspective and deeper research creates a think-tank atmosphere to bring better ideas and strategies to our clients.


Don't regret the moves you didn't make

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I could have' and 'I should have' are phrases and feelings we want to help you avoid. By bringing everyone together and having a clear view of your entire financial picture, we can have open and honest conversations about all investment opportunities, so regret never gets a seat at the table.

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Your Wealth Advisor Summit

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So how do we make this happen? Annually or as-needed (sometimes before a significant event) we'll lead and coordinate an in-person meeting to get everyone around the same table and strategize the best plans for you. You don't need to have a family office to feel like one.

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