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At Glassman Wealth, we can do everything right helping our clients save and invest, but if a scammer comes along and takes their money? It’s all for naught.

We’ve had esteemed, fascinating, thought-provoking guests in our speaker series, but our interview and Q&A with Jim Browning was our first with a definite hero. Jim is no ordinary expert. He delves into the heart of the hacker’s den, accessing their systems, unraveling their secrets, and, like any hero, rescues unsuspecting individuals from potential scams – live. Jim is a virtual vigilante who doesn’t just talk about scams but actively fights them.

Discover Jim’s world on his YouTube channel:

What made this session invaluable? Beyond the art of scamming, we dove into the rising threats of AI and deep fakes, the most dangerous piece of information for scammers to have, and important tips for staying safe online.

Signs of a scam:

  • Amazon (and other companies) will never call you
  • You’re asked for personal information (answers to security questions, one-time codes, etc.)
  • You’re asked for access to your device(s)
  • You feel panicked. Scammers are counting on you making quick decisions without thinking.

Tips to staying safe:

  • Keep your devices up to date
  • Be skeptical of inbound communications
  • Stop the call and verify by calling directly
  • Use unique passwords and a password manager

For more insight, watch our interview with Jim here:

And our Q&A with Jim here:


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