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*as of 02/29/2024

$2 Million Minimum

At Glassman Wealth, we believe you should feel like your advisor’s only client.

What else do we believe?


We Believe In Simplicity

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The world is getting more complex, and your advisor shouldn’t fuel that flame. Complex doesn’t always mean better. Let’s simplify the investments, the reporting, and the strategies so you finally know what you own and why.

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We Believe Culture Moves the Needle on Client Outcomes.

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The #1 Best Place to Work by the Washington Business Journal isn’t for us, it’s for you.

A more engaged team means a culture of curiosity and a job people love, which leads to better outcomes for our clients.


We Believe It’s Not About Luck.

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We don’t believe in getting lucky.

Success isn’t about luck. It’s about having the experience, tools, and strategies ahead of time.
To understand what might happen next, because you've likely seen it before.

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We Believe Over Time, You Should Get More Attention From Your Advisor, Not Less.

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Gather your assets. Hand you off. Set your relationship on autopilot. Sound familiar?

The deep attention and proactive strategy you experienced in the honeymoon phase transitions to a newsletter, a birthday card, and some standard gifts. If you ask, they’ll send you a resource but it’s become reactive, not proactive.

We do things differently here. Loyal clients should get more over time, not less. The firm you join today should get better over time.

Everyday, we work to make tomorrow’s Glassman Wealth even better than today.


We Believe that the Parents and Children of our Clients...ARE Clients.

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If it’s important to them, it’s important to you...and therefore, important to us. Let us take the burden of their questions and guide them on the right path, whether we manage money for them or not.

Even if they don’t have accounts with us, they have
access to us.

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We believe in personal solutions.

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Your goals are unique. The way you built wealth is unique. The solutions and strategies to achieve your goals should be just as unique.

The only excuse for not personalizing client strategies and experiences is what most advisors suffer from... a lack of time.  With a Just One ClientTM mindset, we are constantly challenging ourselves to use tools, technology, and talent (curious members of our team) to craft personal strategies and advice for you and your family.


We believe in radical objectivity

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Our job is to help guide you to the best solution...even if it’s not us.

We hope we’re a perfect match. But even if we’re not, we’ll demonstrate our fiduciary responsibility and just how objective we can be. That’s why we’re confident enough to share a list of top DC-area financial advisors that aren’t us.

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We Believe Top Lists Often Aren't.

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Our names are on most of the lists, so why would we call them out?  Because most of them are based on the wrong things. Firms rank higher for having more employees or growth in assets under management (AUM), stats that have no impact on your personal financial outcomes. A firm with thousands of clients (hundreds per advisor) with costly marketing often rank higher on the lists. Click here for our take on industry lists.

Meet Glassman Wealth


Get to Know Glassman Wealth

In a world where each wealth management firm seems like a carbon copy of each other, we believe that Glassman Wealth stands out. Take a moment to learn why.


Impressive Industry Awards

We feel we have something special here. But a gut feeling isn’t enough to know when it’s working. That’s why we are honored to consistently be named a “Best Place to Work” by some of the Washington, DC area’s leading publications.

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How Our Culture Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Your advisor's culture drives your client experience (and possibly your success). Discover how our unique culture can benefit you.

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