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Glassman Wealth is a full-service, fee-only fiduciary providing highly personalized investment advice, financial planning, and wealth management. With one of the lowest client-to-advisor ratios in the industry, Glassman Wealth’s team of engaged, innovative advisors has the time to focus on each client’s unique needs and goals and dreams. This personalized and sophisticated approach enables Glassman Wealth to serve each client as their dedicated financial steward, helping them not simply to achieve their financial goals, but to realize their dreams.

You’ve been working with a broker for years, and built up a great relationship, and one day they announce that they’ve left their firm in pursuit of greener pastures. So what now? Do you keep your assets at the original firm, where they’ve been for years, or do you follow the individual you’ve been working so closely with? Barry Glassman shares on CNBC that the first step is entirely your decision- and don’t let pressure of either side sway you.

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