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Glassman Wealth is a full-service, fee-only fiduciary providing highly personalized investment advice, financial planning, and wealth management. With one of the lowest client-to-advisor ratios in the industry, Glassman Wealth’s team of engaged, innovative advisors has the time to focus on each client’s unique needs and goals and dreams. This personalized and sophisticated approach enables Glassman Wealth to serve each client as their dedicated financial steward, helping them not simply to achieve their financial goals, but to realize their dreams.

Over the past few days I made a trip to New York City to participate in the Investment News Think Tank. This VIP round-table and workshop united FinTech decision makers—individuals from some of the top custodians and RIA firms—to identify and discuss technology solutions that will enable innovation and solve complex problems across the financial advisory industry.

Investment News editor Fred Gabriel and technology reporter Ryan Neal lead our round-table discussion about how we, as advisors, should utilize technology better within our businesses. We addressed and delved into a variety of topics and questions, such as:

  • How artificial intelligence will be used in the financial advice business
  • Tips for assembling the perfect advisory technology stack
  • What advisors need to learn from disruptor companies like Amazon, Apple, or Google
  • What will it mean if one of those juggernauts enters the financial advice business?

“How does having Gabe at the Think Tank benefit me, or benefit Glassman Wealth?”

Great question!  There are a number of ways that opportunities like this are beneficial to our firm and our clients.

  • By encouraging a culture of curiosity and on-going learning at Glassman Wealth Services, we get to work with organizations such as Investment News, to help shape and plan for the future of our industry
  • Collaborating alongside other industry tech providers and custodians, we have greater ability to provide direct input so that we can continue to enhance our client experience by utilizing and applying new technologies
  • Observing and learning from other industry leaders to understand how they have evolved and continue to enhance their firms, and determining how we can utilize and implement the “Best Practices” we see within the industry

We also received an overview of Tech Trends collected by The Investment News Research department, led by Investment News associate publisher Mark Bruno and head of research Matt Sirinides.

All this of observation, learning, and collaboration helps us to continue to evolve not only on a individual level, but as a firm, which ultimately enriches the lives of our clients.  I am very thankful to have been invited to participate in this Think Tank and I look forward to what changes occur in the future because of a great dialogue.  Thank you to Investment News for having me, and I look forward to seeing you next year.

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