Amy Yurkewitch

Amy is Director of First Impressions and Office Administrator for Glassman Wealth Services. She joined the team in March 2020 just as the office started working remotely. She's thrilled to be back in the office with the team, and able to meet clients in person.

What’s it like working at the #1 Best Place to Work? During a pandemic? When you start with the company in March of 2020?

Unusual? Undoubtedly. Surprising? Certainly. Extraordinary? Absolutely. And… simple.

Simple? Yes, simple.

We all want to be treated well and respected and have challenging and fulfilling work, and that’s simply and exactly what happens here at Glassman Wealth. Each member of the team has a voice and is encouraged to share ideas. There is little to no hierarchy, and a strong belief in treating everyone and their ideas with respect. The particular practice of leading with empathy is and was evident as management was available to any team member as we each dealt with the difficulties of the past 16 months.

Glassman Wealth management worked to make sure every employee had what they needed to continue to offer the high level of service to clients as we worked from home. We received a generous gift to upgrade our ‘work from home’ situations, in whatever way best suited our individual needs.

In addition to our work with clients, the team was able to continue with charitable events that moved online and we had a lot of fun with trivia/game nights, a chef night, yoga/meditation sessions, team lunches, and several care packages.

Weekly team meetings kept us engaged, and allowed me to get to know the team – along with several spouses, children, and pets! We were able to check in with each other, whether discussing highs/lows of the week and upcoming meetings and projects, or simply discussing weekend plans and the latest binge-worthy streaming recommendations.

I know from my own interactions with team members – management and non-management – it wasn’t a surprise that the team was so well cared for. It was that way before the pandemic (with a long list of generous benefits including paid health care, charity donation matches, quarterly thinking days, and unlimited vacation days, just to name a few) and will continue in the future, as successes, individuals, and the entire team are celebrated.

All of that said – the absolute best part of working at Glassman Wealth? The outstanding group of passionate, curious, caring, dedicated individuals who make up the team. I’ve been fortunate to work with each member of the team and see their commitment to doing their best for each client daily… and for each other. It’s not a slogan or spin or marketing. It’s not something they do, it’s who they are. And now I’m privileged (and thrilled!) to call myself a part of Glassman Wealth Services.


And for a little more perspective, please check out this short video of the Washington Business Journal’s 2021 Best Places to Work Honoree Interview with Alex Orfinger, Market President, Washington Business Journal, and Barry Glassman, Founder and President, Glassman Wealth Services:

Maybe a little too honest? “It’s meaningful because we’re in an industry that awards how big you grow and how fast you grow and those things don’t benefit the most important people to the business, which is really, the clients.”


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