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Glassman Wealth Services is a wealth management firm headquartered in Northern Virginia. We are a fiduciary financial advisor providing completely objective, fee-only financial planning and investments that values relationships with our clients and their families over pie charts and reports so we can focus on our client’s goals and objectives.

Oftentimes the biggest obstacle between an individual and their success isn’t an outside factor or influence.

The overwhelming scope of a goal can make many people hesitate, and that self-doubt might prevent a project from ever taking off. Success might seem impossible, and people balk at that fear of failure.

Mick Ebeling proves what can happen if you don’t accept failure before you even begin. No goal can be written off as impossible- and with the right determination and means even the most insurmountable obstacles can be conquered. A film producer turned humanitarian, what began as a small act of kindness by Ebeling to lead an incredible international mission to fight the odds and change the world. From the creation of the “Eyewriter”, a tool that tracks eye movement and translates it to computer screen, effectively giving a voice back to paralyzed individuals, to utilizing 3D printers to build prosthetics for children in war-torn Sudan, Ebeling exemplifies what can happen when determination overcomes doubt. Rather than ask “can we?”, he asked “how will we?”, and inspired a team to change lives.

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