Julia Skinner

When you come to visit us at Glassman Wealth, Julia is likely the first face you’ll see. There’s a good chance you’ll see a book on her desk, or perhaps even in her hands if she’s managed to find time to squeeze in some reading.

It has been almost seven months since we began the Glassman Wealth Wellness Initiative. We have had a variety of seminars and experiences, including a wellness challenge for our more competitive team members, an acupuncturist for those of us who are not needle-shy, and a one-on-one coaching sessions with Jen Wood, a certified Health & Wellness and Leadership Coach, to give every member of the team a chance to have individualized advice and gain new perspectives.

The Wellness Initiative has been a chance for team members to not only learn more about different aspects of wellness and health, but it has allowed us to go and explore our own interests beyond the office. From buying a new bike, to signing up for yoga or dance classes, to getting a well-earned massage, the team has been able to put their own spin on wellness.

In the office there’s been a few changes. We’ve had some one day events, like our recent smoothie workshop or an onsite massage therapist, but there also have been some smaller, every day changes. Every morning we have fresh infused water for the team (partially to encourage people to drink more water, and partially because it’s delicious). One-on-one meetings are more deliberately planned as walks to get people on their feet and moving. And I’m certainly excited about implementing some of Jen’s advice from the smoothie workshop with our new blender for our very own GWS smoothie bar.

Even if the wellness challenge doesn’t lead to any of us running marathons, or sticking to a strict paleo diet, it has given our team a greater awareness of self, and given us permission to take a moment to focus on our own well-being. In an office where personal wellness is neglected, the employees suffer, and, in turn, the clients suffer. Our team is given the opportunity to thrive, and to become the best version of themselves in order to better enrich the lives of our clients.


We will keep you updated with more of our adventures in wellness. I personally won’t likely be running any marathons but hey—there might be a 5k on the horizon.

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