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CNN’s Fear & Greed Index is a tool I’ve been referencing for years. There’s now a Crypto Fear & Greed Index that I also find interesting–somewhat similar, somewhat different from CNN’s indicator–and I’ve laid out the similarities and differences in this video and how to best use this measurement.

In addition to the speedometer-type indicator, there’s also a graph showing measurements over time, from the past seven days to the past two and a half years. What’s fascinating is how quickly things can change. As just one example, this past spring’s measurement was well over 90, indicating extreme greed, and by summer the measurement was down at extreme fear. And these can change even quicker, sometimes as often as on a daily basis.

Crypto Fear & Greed Index Over Time


I hear 2 questions most often when referencing the stock market indicator, and believe they’ll apply to the crypto indicator as well.

  • Can these indicators predict where the market is headed with respect to either crypto or the stock market?
  • If not to predict the market, how do we use these indicators?

I find both indicators helpful particularly when things are at extremes. I can open these indicators to show a client the sense of the overall sentiment of the market in general, viewing trends and momentum. I’ll most likely use this crypto fear greed indicator much like I have CNN’s indicator–as part of broader conversations with clients.

CNN’s Fear & Greed Index

Crypto Fear & Greed Index


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