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What if every work experience was an opportunity to make the world a better place?

In many offices, work anniversaries are recognized by a quick “thank you” followed by a trip to the HR office for an annual performance review.  This is not the case at Glassman Wealth.  Here, one way we believe in recognizing our employees is through unforgettable experiences:  by giving back to the community.

For my five-year work anniversary, I was recently invited to enjoy courtside seats at a Washington Wizards game, something that has always been on my “bucket list.”  To have your feet on the wood of the court, with the player’s mere feet from you as if you’re a part of the action: this is something special.  Given our culture, the company managed to make this courtside experience just as meaningful as it was fun.  What set this experience apart was that it wasn’t about me.

Jose, an eleven-year-old boy whom I had never met, was the reason the experience was so impactful.  Jose is a sweet, shy boy from Peru who was diagnosed with cancer and came to the US to have a real chance of fighting the disease.  We met Jose through Dr. Caren Glassman, a pediatrician who volunteers for Montgomery Hospice when she’s not busy running Potomac Pediatrics.

Caren shared Jose’s story (and the fact that he’s a huge basketball fan) with the Glassman Wealth team.  Naturally, we shifted into high gear to make sure Jose would have an NBA basketball experience on par with many Make-A-Wish events.

The Washington Wizards organization went above and beyond to give Jose an amazing game experience.  While watching warm-ups, Bradley Beal stopped by to encourage him and give him a signed jersey, which he wore throughout the game.

While the gifts he received were great, the experience itself was even more amazing, including meeting different players, hanging out with the mascot, and being shown on the Jumbotron.  It was as if the entire Verizon Center was rooting for him in the battle for his health.

You see, the next week Jose was scheduled to have his left leg amputated to halt the spread of the cancer, which did not leave enough time to approach Make-a-Wish.  Thankfully, he had a thoughtful doctor like Caren and support from the team at Glassman Wealth to show him a fantastic experience before his surgery, and it’s something he will never forget.

Witnessing all of this was a truly humbling experience; it made me forget that sitting courtside at a NBA game was ever on my bucket list.  I’ve been given numerous opportunities to impact our community since joining Glassman Wealth five years ago.  If history is any indicator, we will continue turning everyday experiences into an opportunity to make an impact on our community and our employees alike.

*patient’s name changed for privacy.

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