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Glassman Wealth is a full-service, fee-only fiduciary providing highly personalized investment advice, financial planning, and wealth management. With one of the lowest client-to-advisor ratios in the industry, Glassman Wealth’s team of engaged, innovative advisors has the time to focus on each client’s unique needs and goals and dreams. This personalized and sophisticated approach enables Glassman Wealth to serve each client as their dedicated financial steward, helping them not simply to achieve their financial goals, but to realize their dreams.

At Glassman Wealth Services, it is vital that we continue to learn from each other, our clients, and new experiences.  For me, among these experiences has been becoming a member of the COO Alliance – The World’s Leading Network for the 2nd in command.

Over the years I have participated in a variety of groups and board such as the Schwab Executive Leadership Program, the Investment New Think Tank, and the Charles Schwab Technology Advisory Board. Adding to this wealth of experiences, as of July 2018 I began my second year within the COO Alliance, a group designed to work specifically with the 2nd in command in a firm, the Chief Operating Officer.

This group was founded by Cameron Herold, the mastermind behind hundreds of companies’ exponential growth. Cameron’s built a dynamic consultancy: his current clients include a “Big 4” wireless carrier and a monarchy. He isn’t a theory guy— Cameron speaks only from experience. It’s not only amazing to learn from Cameron and his experience, but to meet and learn from other COO’s from around the country (many of which are not in the financial planning or wealth management industry).

The COO Alliance was founded with one simple goal in mind: to provide COOs with the same professional development and growth opportunities CEOs have enjoyed for many years.

I recently had an incredible opportunity to be a guest on the Chief Behind the Chief – Second in Command podcast, with Cameron.  We discussed a variety of topics such as leadership development, how we on-board employees, and how we continue to strive to build a culture in which everyone thrives in their role, all while trying to enrich the lives of our clients.


Click here to listen, and definitely check out some of his conversations with other COOs.

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