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When you come to visit us at Glassman Wealth, Julia is likely the first face you’ll see. There’s a good chance you’ll see a book on her desk, or perhaps even in her hands if she’s managed to find time to squeeze in some reading.

Innovation is something incredibly valued and held in a high regard at Glassman Wealth.  The ability to adapt and implement new tools and apps into our business has proved invaluable to helping our firm grow.  It is essential that we be as efficient as possible, and use the best tools available to streamline processes.

Here is our list of the best operations applications, tools and websites that have expanded and improved our operations across the firm.

Commit to 3

[sc name=”Committo3 Video” ]Commit to 3 is a combination of employee accountability and communications. You commit to 3 tasks each day that you will complete that will be shared with your team. Not only does this provide accountability in that your team can see what your goals are and will know if you don’t complete them, it also offers a secondary level of communications that can be immensely beneficial.

It communicates what tasks an employee prioritizes for the day, which can reveal whether or not you both are on the same page for the significance of certain tasks, if they may be waiting on you for work, or if they are working on a task that you might be waiting on. Since there are only 3 goals each day it is an easy commitment and can create a form of secondary communications that assists with team work.


[sc name=”Expensify Video” ]Collecting receipts for expenses can be a hassle, not only for the administrator who processes them but also for the employees who have had to hold onto all of the receipts. This app takes expenses to the digital level, and allows employees to take a picture of a receipt and then throw it away. No more annoying papers to submit, and you can even program the app to submit receipts monthly to your administrator.


Your company undoubtedly has processes for everything, from onboarding to ordering office supplies. But where are these processes? Are some saved to the server? Sitting in a file drawer? On an employee’s computer? Or just in their head?

SweetProcess allows you to collect these processes in one place, and ensure they detail the exact steps involved and in what order they should be implemented. It also ensures that these processes are accessible and can be duplicated. Should an employee leave the firm, whether it be temporary leave or permanent, you want to make sure you have details on all of the processes they’ve implemented. Not only that but you want to make sure that you follow through with all of the necessary steps with each new process, and don’t let anything slip through the cracks.


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