Colin Gerrety, CFP®, CIMA®

Colin Gerrety, CFP®, CIMA®

Colin equates success with helping others make good decisions. A DC-area native, Colin works closely with our client families to navigate the complexity of today's financial world.

Innovation is integral to the way we serve clients at Glassman Wealth. The ability to adapt and implement new tools and technologies into our business has proved invaluable to helping our firm grow while continuing to provide a high level of client service. Here is a list of some of my favorite apps and websites that have added value to our client experience.


The Envestnet Tamarac platform has revolutionized the way we view and report on client portfolios.  Integrated portfolio reporting and rebalancing technology improves our efficiency in portfolio management, and access to a customized portal puts portfolio information at our client’s fingertips on-demand.  Want to know how your portfolio is doing?  Simply log into your Glassman Wealth client portal, and your portfolio’s risk measurements and investment returns are available at the click of a button.  Wondering if your portfolio needs rebalancing?  Tamarac’s software tells us whenever a client’s portfolio has drifted from target.  All of this frees up time for the advisors at Glassman Wealth to focus on what matters: understanding our clients’ goals and coming up with strategies to achieve them.  And Tamarac integrates with all our preferred financial custodians (Charles Schwab, for example), allowing us to stay independent and pick the solutions that best serve our clients’ needs, without being tied to any brokerage firm.

Junxure Cloud CRM

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There are loads of Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems out there.  We chose Junxure because it’s specialized for firms like ours (independent financial advisors) and allows us to communicate with clients in a personalized way.  In fact, the founders of Junxure came from a firm similar to Glassman Wealth Services.  The Junxure Cloud platform allows us to efficiently manage our internal tasks, keep track of each client relationship, and create a seamless experience, both for new clients and clients we’ve known for years.


What’s the big question on clients’ minds?  We hear it all the time: “how much money do I need to retire?”  As we’ve written before, the answer isn’t all that simple.  It depends on spending, portfolio risk, medical expenses, sources of retirement income, tax bracket, amount in tax-deferred versus taxable accounts, and numerous other factors.  Rather than coming up with some magic number, we work with clients to project a range of possibilities and come up with a plan to address life’s curveballs.  MoneyGuidePro helps make that conversation easy-to-understand and visually engaging.


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