Julia Skinner

When you come to visit us at Glassman Wealth, Julia is likely the first face you’ll see. There’s a good chance you’ll see a book on her desk, or perhaps even in her hands if she’s managed to find time to squeeze in some reading.

We are proud of the culture of transparency, passion, and innovation that we have developed at Glassman Wealth. Not only does it create an engaging environment for our team, but it allows us to continue the high level of client service that our clients have come to expect. Here is a list of some of our new favorite apps and websites that have added value to our employee culture.


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TINYpulse is an employee engagement platform that allows us to measure and improve company culture. It’s simple- you send out a 1 question survey to the team. You can send it once a week, once a month, or even once a quarter depending on your firm needs. Your question is selected from a list of data-backed questions  and polls that TINYpulse has created. All feedback is anonymous, and employees have an option to send in suggestions that can be discussed on the platform. This not only creates an open forum for employees to feel comfortable sharing, but since the surveys are a just one question it is much easier for the team to commit to completing them, and doesn’t seem like a hassle. Not to mention it has an option to give out “Cheers” to your coworkers, sending kudos for a job well done.

Kolbe Index

The Kolbe index gives a unique look at employees and what drives them. Rather than an IQ or personality test, this index looks at people’s instincts and natural strengths. It’s not something you can cheat on or study for—rather is reflects what your natural drives and strengths are. It can help to make sense of what different employees need to succeed. A “Fact Finder” needs the information ahead of time, while a Quickstart is ready to jump into things. Knowing the strengths of your team can help you to better work together and understand where issues might arise. Not only that, it can help you to recognize if potential employees would fit well into your team.

Strengths Finder

Similar to the Kolbe Index, Strengths Finder is an assessment that looks at individuals to determine what they are good at. Rather than natural drive, Strengths Finder is true to its name and looks like what your strengths and talents are. This is often revealing, as technical roles tend to be filled with people who are ranked high in Strategic and Analytical, and the more social or client facing roles tend to be ranked higher in Harmony and Relator. It can also reveal some traits that might affect how you want to work with the individual—those ranked high in Discipline like routine and might not like spur of the moment projects, while those ranked low in Command might not prefer to take charge in projects or discussions.


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