Julia Skinner

When you come to visit us at Glassman Wealth, Julia is likely the first face you’ll see. There’s a good chance you’ll see a book on her desk, or perhaps even in her hands if she’s managed to find time to squeeze in some reading.

Innovation is something that we value at Glassman Wealth. The ability to adapt and implement new tools and apps into our business has proved invaluable to helping our firm grow. Here is a list of some of our new favorite tools and websites that have allowed our team to collaborate and communicate in ways that previously may have been impossible.


If you share videos with clients (and want to know if they’re actually watching them), Wistia is an incredible tool. It allows you to securely share videos, and even password protect them. You just need to share the link (which is not searchable) and you can take your communications to a level beyond an email or voicemail. Videos can also be shared internally with your team and feedback collected from time-coded comments. If you want to create public videos, to be posted on your website, you can restrict embedding, and the videos are responsive to the bandwidth and device used to play them, delivering multiple versions in order to ensure the best quality with limited buffering. One extra perk that Wistia offers is statistics on viewership and plays. You can see if your videos are engaging, and what your audience cares about (and what makes them exit after 2 minutes).


You probably have notes written in a notepad on your desk, saved in various files on your desktop, uploaded in the company’s online portal, and on the back of a napkin from lunch yesterday. Evernote allows you to save these notes online so that you can easily access them, and not only does it make them easily accessible, but it allows you to share and collaborate. You don’t get stuck with various versions of the same document, so multiple members of a team can work on the same piece and share work effortlessly. A cool bonus of Evernote is that it allows you to save webpages and articles. Did you ever rip an article out of a magazine to save for later or share with a friend? Evernote lets you do that digitally, so when you jot down notes about that great piece on employee retention—you have the article itself there and ready to share.


Self described as a modern workspace designed to reduce busywork, Dropbox is a fantastic file sharing and storage platform that not only allows you to store a ton of information, but allows you to share it easily. It allows you to access your files from virtually anywhere, and create shared folders to collaborate with your team. Not only that but the site puts a huge emphasis on security, and is committed to keeping your information private. Incredibly user friendly, you can share files with people regardless of whether or not they are Dropbox users, and collaborate with them in real time.

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