Wednesday October 11, 2023
12:00PM EST

This is a virtual event.
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Unmasking the Hero: Jim Browning Reveals Scammers' Secrets in Exclusive Interview

This interview and the information you will learn from it is so important. At Glassman Wealth Services, we can do everything right in helping clients save and invest, but what if a scammer comes along and takes your money? It's all for naught.

We've had esteemed, fascinating, thought-provoking guests in our speaker series, but never a definite hero. What's my definition of a hero? Someone who saves individuals and humanity. And we got him.

Because of the work he does, he goes by the alias Jim Browning. He’s a scam baiter, ethical hacker, and virtual vigilante. He scams the scammers.

Jim’s YouTube channel has over four million subscribers who watch him toy with scammers and save people. Not only that, but he's infiltrated them, and it drives them crazy!

The goal of these scammers is simply put — money. But most often, the scammers don't get into a person's account and steal funds directly. They fool and convince their victims that they need to send the money, and they do.

During this live webinar, we will debut a powerful and incredibly informative interview with Jim where we discuss signs of a scam, current top scams, artificial intelligence, and ways to prevent being scammed. Following the video, Jim will join us for a live Q&A. This is one that you don’t want to miss!

Be sure to send along any questions you have in advance – we’ll spend a good portion of our time on Q&As.

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Jim Browning

Jim Browning is the Internet alias of a scam baiting YouTuber from the UK whose content focuses on investigating call centers engaging in fraudulent activities.

He has carried out investigations into various scams, in which he infiltrates computer networks run by scammers who claim to be technical support experts, fake US IRS agents, or pretend to be companies like Amazon or Microsoft. Some of Jim's videos feature CCTV footage of the scams in action and he has even confronted scammers live on their own CCTV cameras.