Celebrating achievements is part of our culture, and as important as transparency and growth.

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Interrupt the pattern. It's a mantra that we've upheld, promising that we would be a wealth management firm unlike any other. Providing an exceptional level of service and expertise to our clients, that both enriches their lives and allows them to pursue their passions, has helped us to build this phenomenal organization. And it is all thanks to the highly dedicated and passionate individuals that make up the team here at Glassman Wealth.

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10 Years Of Glassman Wealth

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In September 2019 we celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary. Ten years since Barry first opened the doors of Glassman Wealth Services. From a team of two working out of a small office space, to our incredible team of 14 passionate individuals, we’ve grown slowly and deliberately. Some of our clients have been with us since before the idea of Glassman Wealth was born, others have joined in the last few years or months. And although a lot has changed over these ten years, we have remained constant in our vision of enriching the lives of each and every one of our clients. So regardless of our time together, all of our clients are important to the Glassman team.

Check out a few snapshots below from our day of celebrating as a team and exploring some of the adventures that Baltimore has to offer!


Celebrating Milestones - Reaching $1 Billion in AUM

To commemorate surpassing $1 Billion in assets under management in 2018, the team went away for a Kentucky Derby themed weekend of celebration. But it was more than just a reason to dress up and enjoy some mint juleps.

We are a team of curious individuals, always striving to learn more and expand our horizons. What better way to start the celebration than with an inspiring speaker, someone who could not only offer incredible insight, but was also pretty hilarious. And that's how we came to meet Zach Anner.

Zach is a comedian and speaker with an incredible variety of experiences, from travel show host, to published author, to television writer, and he came all the way from Los Angeles to join us. You can click HERE to view the full speech that Zach shared that day.

As we purposefully grow and expand our horizons, we will continue to strive to enrich the lives of our clients through exceptional client service. At Glassman, we expect nothing less from ourselves, and you should accept nothing less from us.