Your Advisor's Culture Drives Your
Client Experience (and Possibly Your Success)

One of the first things often asked of any financial advisor or wealth management firm is, “What sets you apart from the competition?” or “How are you different than your peers?”

Meet Glassman Wealth

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We foster curiosity backed by a commitment to not being satisfied.

Our culture builds from our transparent foundation by creating an environment that fosters curiosity and challenges our team to ask “what if” or “what about.” Our clients see this first hand when our team looks beyond the bottom line of the account balance or first sheet of a tax return and starts to challenge strategies, assumptions, and expectations.

We encourage our client advisors to explore possibilities and play out scenarios such as new estate planning strategies, exploring different tax scenarios, or rebalancing based on upcoming life changes or goals. An idea or strategy may or may not work out to be the right solution. But even if it doesn’t, we want our team to consider the alternatives and put in the effort to explore and find alternatives.


Time for Reflection
Outside the Office

Our commitment to thinking time goes beyond the office. Every Glassman Wealth employee is encouraged to take a quarterly “thinking day” by spending the day away from the office learning something new, reading a book, or just spending time with their thoughts to focus on a new idea.

All we ask is that they not do any work and share what they learned or developed when they return so we can all grow and explore the realm of “what if.”


Ours is a proven culture that attracts the best talent to serve you.

We feel we have something special here. But a gut feeling isn’t enough to know when it’s working.

That’s why we are honored to consistently be named a “Best Place to Work” by some of the Washington, DC area’s leading publications. Just some of the recognition we have earned includes:

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It all starts with transparency – and putting clients first.

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As you may know, Glassman Wealth Services is a fee-only firm adhering to the highest fiduciary standards.

What does this have to do with culture? Well, it means that we’ve already removed any conflicts of interest that could come up in the advisor/client relationship. Your relationship is built on transparency and doing what’s best for you, not us.

Our fiduciary responsibility of putting clients first is the cornerstone of our culture and is woven into every component of our firm.

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Want to know more?

Want to know more?

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Listen to Barry Glassman talk about creating company culture and why Glassman Wealth is such a great place to work on Ian Altman's Business Cast podcast.