There's more than one way to define Interest
There's more than one way to define Interest

About Us

We focus on families, not pie charts.

Your financial success is about more than bar graphs and pie charts. It’s about you.

At Glassman Wealth Services, we strive to offer uncommon investment expertise that aligns with your needs and your unique vision for the future. It’s how we seek to ensure our client relationships are among the most enduring.


It’s about dedication

People engage our services because they know the stakes are too high to accept anything other than investment excellence. Some have achieved moderate success managing their own money, but they recognize that expert guidance will bring new possibilities within reach. Others have come to the realization that their current advisor isn’t truly focused on their unique goals.

People come to us for many reasons. They stay with us because we offer personalized, service-driven wealth management unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

Unbiased Advice

It’s about unbiased advice

We’re a fee-only firm that seeks to adhere to the highest fiduciary standards and provide our clients advice that is truly unbiased. We accept no commissions or other incentives that might cloud our judgment or sway our allegiance. We work for you and your family alone.

It's About Communication

It’s about communication

We conduct extensive research to inform our financial strategies, but that’s not enough. You should know what’s in your portfolio and why. From our conversations with you to our reporting, we communicate in a way that is simple, streamlined, and easy to understand.

“That’s refreshing…”

“Refreshing” isn’t a word many people associate with a wealth-services firm, but it’s how our clients describe us. Because we approach things differently. Because we’re not afraid to be candid. Because we manage over $800 million in assets (*), yet remain a resolutely boutique firm offering personalized service. And because despite the significant industry recognition we’ve achieved, we still care more about the reputation we’ve earned with our clients.

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* As of 5/31/2016