Welcome to the Team Elena!

Elena! We're thrilled that you're joining Glassman Wealth!

So thrilled that we were having trouble writing it out.

So we made you a video.



Countdown until your first day!


(Virtual) Day One: May 12! Wednesday morning Zoom breakfast at 8:30 with the Glassman Wealth team to officially welcome YOU! (Be on the lookout for a package headed your way...) The first day will have a lot of not-so-fun paperwork which will arrive via UPS at your home (you'll need a voided check for direct deposit setup). But soon after you'll quickly be able to dive into your role.

You'll not only be working closely with Zach and Shannon, but they have purposefully structured your first 30, 60, 90 days at Glassman Wealth to ensure you are involved with each member of the team, giving you the opportunity to build relationships and learn from a variety of people. This 30/60/90 plan will help provide clarity and direction on what to accomplish as you begin your journey as part of our team.

George at Recepti

This is George (and Candace!). Unfortunately he won't be in the office to greet you. We found he was spending too much time on tennis ball operations, not enough on performance reports.

George is currently working remotely.

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