Make Every Trip A Journey Of A Lifetime

Our Clients’ Greatest Hobby? Travel

Traveling safely as well. Whether still working or retired, our clients are exploring the world. There are a variety of trends we’ve noticed.


Glassman Wealth Travel Event, featuring Dr. Chris Sidford
Glassman Wealth Travel Event, featuring Dr. Chris Sidford

Our Clients Are Traveling:

With Family

It’s not always just you and your spouse. You might be bringing kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews. Our clients are responsible for multiple generations.

On Longer Trips

And not just the distance, but for longer durations.

And Taking Risks

There are geopolitical risks, as well as risks from (over)reliance on technology as our clients travel to more remote destinations.

We have created this page to help our clients and friends make sure their trip of a lifetime isn’t one they end up regretting. These resources can help to plan that trip, and avoid some of the mistakes that could put you at risk.

I Do Dumb Things When I Travel

I love to travel. And I love to experience new and exciting things while traveling. The problem? I do dumb and sometimes dangerous things—and so do you.

Here are a few things I learned from Travel Expert Dr. Chris Sidford about how not to do dumb sh*t while on adventures.





What Does A Laptop Ban Mean For You?

Protecting your checked bag is now more important than ever. With the potential laptop ban, not only will you be at risk of losing some extremely expensive items, but it puts you at risk of losing something even more valuable—your personal information.









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