Welcome to the Team Mia!

Mia! We're thrilled that you're joining Glassman Wealth!

So thrilled that we were having trouble writing it out.

So we made you a video.



Countdown until your first day!


Day one- Don't pack lunch. We'll make sure you're well fed your first week, and please bring with you a voided check for direct deposit. The first day will have a lot of the not-so-fun paperwork, but you'll quickly be able to dive into your role.

You'll be working closely with Courtney for the first week as she helps you learn the tricks and intricacies of the executive assistant roles, up until her last day on May 30th.

During that time and in the weeks moving forward you'll be working closely with Barry and supported by the Shannon, Julia, and the team, getting to meet everyone through team lunches, breakfasts, and perhaps a happy hour or two.


This is Scooter (and Dana Sippel)! Unfortunately Scooter will not be in the office. He was spending too much time on tennis ball operations, not enough on performance reports.

Please fill out the questions below!

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