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There’s a disconnect in your communications and branding strategy. Who you are with your clients – when you are at your best – is not what you are conveying to the outside world.

Can you stand out?

Through your marketing and communications strategy, it’s possible to stand out from the competition and earn the trust of potential new clients.  And it’s easy, inexpensive, and won’t take a lot of time.  The key is – it’s not about you.  It’s about getting into the mindset of your prospect, your client, the media, and the world to show how you can improve their lives.

It's About Your Mindset

Too often on our websites the focus is on “I, me, we, us” when we should be focused on showing (not telling) our value to the client.  What are some of the best ways to do this?

Close the gap between your internal and external messaging and show the whole world your true brand.

Empower Your Team:

Often the employees and principals interacting with clients are not the same individuals implementing your marketing and digital strategy.  It is essential to educate and empower your team to effectively leverage your time and build key contributors within your organization.


lynda-logoThis is a fantastic resource for video tutorials and online training on a wide range of software and technical skills – with thousands of courses on everything from how to learn Excel to how to leverage social media in your marketing strategy.

Start with a 10-day free trial before diving into a subscription that costs $29.99 per month.

Joey Coleman’s “First 100 Days”

joey-column-First-100-DaysJoey is the founder of Design Symphony – a customer experience firm – and can revolutionize the way you deal with clients.  Every touch point with a client is an invaluable opportunity to turn them into raving fans.  It’s critical that each member of your team recognize and embrace this opportunity.

Joey offers a three-day course on CreativeLive for about $150.  To see an overview of Joey’s philosophy, watch this video.

Leverage Technology:


It’s not necessary to hire new employees to have your own creative department.  Websites like Upwork and Fiverr are teeming with freelancers from around the globe who can assist with graphic design, technical writing, web development, and other specialties.

You’ve likely drawn the same diagram countless times to illustrate a concept to clients.  Why not hire someone to design that diagram professionally, or better yet, create powerful infographics you can use on your website?

Google News Alerts

Google alerts allow you to monitor the web for new content related to specific keywords.  There’s no better way to monitor the media and your competitors than to automate the process.

You can connect Google Alerts to a Gmail account or Outlook to seamlessly receive email notifications about new activity.  If you’re concerned about alerts flooding your inbox, set up rules to route these emails to a specific folder.

Twitter Lists

Many companies have Twitter accounts that are scarcely used.  Use Twitter for your most important function - listening and learning. Forget being The Lady Gaga of Insurance.

This conveys inauthenticity, especially when we promote our Twitter account in our email signature and then never tweet!

Instead, use Twitter as a way to monitor what’s going on in the industry and see what thought leaders are talking about.  Follow industry leaders, and look at their profiles to find “Lists” that others have set up.  These lists contain feeds of specific curated content – and the best part is, you don’t have to set them up yourself.  Simply subscribe to the preexisting lists of others.


Next time you want to share something interesting with your team (or with a client), why not send a video?  Snagit is a powerful tool that allows you to capture what you’re viewing on your computer screen and share it.

Snagit can capture still shots, snipits, and entire videos of your screen, along with audio recorded from your computer or microphone.

Follow Influencers:

Ian Altman

cover170x170Ian Altman is the author of Same Side Selling and is an innovative thinker with a wealth of refreshing ideas about kick-starting revenue growth in a variety of organizations.  Ian helps his clients win new business by becoming a trusted advisor throughout their sales process.

The real gem Ian offers is his podcast. You, and more importantly, your team, will learn a ton.

The GrowMyRevenue Business Cast – in which he speaks to leaders in the professional services industry.  Listen and learn about how to show potential clients you’re on their side.


John Ruhlin

giftologyJohn Ruhlin is an expert in the strategy of gift giving.  Rather than give your clients a sweatshirt or tchotchke with your logo stamped all over it, why not give them something they’ll actually enjoy, use, and truly remember you by?

His book Giftology can change the way you give gifts, cut through the noise, and build relationships.

Marcus Sheridan

The-Sales-Lion-Education-Center-logoMarcus Sheridan is the founder of the Sales Lion, a sales and marketing organization founded on the art of content marketing and inbound sales.  Marcus teaches companies to show the world what problems they solve and be truly helpful, rather than just boasting about awards or trying to sound intelligent on their websites.

The Sales Lion has a comprehensive Learning Center with articles, podcasts, eBooks, tutorials, and interviews with marketing industry leaders.

It was a pleasure speaking with you and sharing ways for you to stand out and grow.