David, Welcome to Glassman Wealth

Welcome to the team.

This page is meant to work as a resource for you in tandem with your physical on-boarding guide.


The Glassman Wealth Vision

We share a passion for enriching the lives of our clients.


Our Recommendations

Your first few weeks at Glassman Wealth


We have developed a 30-60-90 day plan to help guide your experience with Glassman Wealth.

In the First 30 Days

You will become a part of the GWS Team. This includes reviewing our values and vision, and learning what has been accomplished so far with our Client Experience philosophy. You'll work closely with Dana and develop your team goals and expectations, and meet with every member of the team to learn their roles and how you will work together. You will be introduced to the variety of software and resources we use, and learn to effectively utilize these tools.

Day 31 to 60

As you become more comfortable in your role, and begin to master our systems and tools, you will begin to leverage other team members as you work together to hone the overall GWS client experience. You will actively work with Dana to engage clients, and seek out new resources that will add value to the team.

Day 61 to 90

By now you will have established yourself as a valued member of our team, and developed rapport with clients. You will develop your personal brand and thought leadership, and work with Dana on "what's next" for your clients. You will continue to solidify relationships with clients and grow as a member of the GWS team.

All about Glassman Wealth

Have any questions?



See Courtney: for anything HR, benefits, or wellness related.

See Eric and Candace: for any role specific questions (they will be leading much of your training).

See Julia: for any office orders, building questions, and miscellany (if she's not the right person, she can at least send you the right way).

Building Amenities

  • Gym

    Access to our onsite Gym and locker room.

  • Mall Access

    Five minute walk to Tysons Corner Mall.

  • Free Parking

    Glassman Wealth fully pays for convenient garage parking.

  • Dry Cleaning Services

    Charm City Concierge offers dry cleaning.

  • Special Events

    Charm City Concierge holds a variety of special events for holidays and various occasions

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