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Variable Annuities: How to Get Out of a Bad Annuity

By Colin Gerrety, CIMA® | August 23, 2017

In my recent article, I discussed some of the common drawbacks of variable annuities.  The hefty fees, misleading guarantees, and tax treatment can put investors in an uncomfortable spot. But what do you do if you own a variable annuity and have buyer’s remorse?  There are a few options to get out of a bad…

Three Reasons Your Financial Advisor Should Be Reviewing Your Tax Return

By Travis Russell, CFP® | August 7, 2017

One of the first questions we tend to ask new clients is whether their former financial advisor ever requested a copy of their tax return. And the answer we usually get in response? No. After all, why would your financial advisor need to know anything about your taxes? At Glassman Wealth, we understand that your…

Variable Annuities: 3 Reasons Your Annuity Is A Bad Deal

By Colin Gerrety, CIMA® | August 1, 2017

Variable annuities are one financial product we rarely see clients purchase on their own.  The initial purchase is almost always done at the urging of a broker who earned a commission on the sale, with promises of guaranteed returns and protection from market risk.  Unfortunately, those returns and protection may end up benefiting the insurer…

A Glimpse into Barry’s Mind: Brad Johnson from Advisors Excel interviews Barry about Glassman Wealth and its Culture

By Gabe Muller | July 31, 2017

Barry had the opportunity to speak with Brad Johnson of Advisors Excel about Glassman Wealth, and how he has been able to create an incredible “recipe” to not only build his team, but to create an environment that has been celebrated and recognized as a “Best Place to Work”.     Read more, and explore…