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What We’re Reading: Why didn’t they teach me this in school? By Cary Siegel

By Glassman Wealth Services | February 13, 2017

It’s a shame that personal finance isn’t a part of every high school and college curriculum. Even the very basics, like 401(k)s and basic saving techniques might have managed to slip by countless graduates. This extremely straightforward and accessible book is perfect for recent college grads and hopefully will provide actionable advice about their finances…

The Fiduciary Rule and Why Donald Trump May Change How You Receive Retirement Advice

By Barry Glassman, CFP® | February 8, 2017
Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule on CNBC featuring Barry Glassman

Last year, the Department of Labor issued a mandate stating that all financial professionals who work with retirement plans or give retirement planning advice must begin acting as a “fiduciary” starting April 2017.  Recently the fiduciary rule has made headlines yet again, this time due to Donald Trump’s executive order calling for an investigation into…

Tips for avoiding surprise taxes on capital gains

By Barry Glassman, CFP® | February 6, 2017

This article was originally published on WTOP on December 8, 2016. Nobody likes a surprises in their taxes, especially when it comes to their investments. Unfortunately, many investors don’t realize some investments distribute capital gains every year. Mutual funds are required to distribute substantially all net investment income to shareholders, and that can mean receiving unexpected…

What We’re Reading: Grit by Angela Duckworth

By Glassman Wealth Services | February 1, 2017

Does hard work amount to success? Angela Duckworth found that there’s more to success than simply putting in the hours and effort. A singular goal and continuous drive towards that goal (“grit”) are what really matter, even more so than perhaps talent or intelligence. It is the struggles toward that goal, and getting up no…