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As seniors approach retirement they will need to make important decisions about when and how to collect their Social Security benefits. At 70 ½, they will have to take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from their tax-deferred accounts, like IRAs or 401(k)s. Missing deadlines can carry hefty penalties and making the wrong choice can potentially mean a lot less income in retirement.

Worry no more. Our easy-to-use guides walk you through the information you need to know to optimize your Social Security benefits and take your RMDs.

maximize-social-security-benefitsA Look Inside our Guide, Maximize Your Social Security Benefits:

  • Did you know that if you file for early retirement, your benefits will be permanently reduced by about 30%?
  • Or that if you’re married, you can file on your spouse’s record instead of our own?
  • Our guide will help you to understand all of your filing options.

Click here to Download: Maximize Your Social Security Benefits Guide


required-minimum-distribution-inline.jpgA Look Inside our Guide, What Is Your RMD? Your Required Minimum Distribution:

  • Did you know that starting at age 70 1/2, you may have to take an RMD from your tax-deferred IRAs or 401(k)s?
  • Our guide includes a handy table and instructions on how to calculate your RMD.
  • We let you know when to take your RMD, how to take your RMD, how much you’ll need to take, and more.

Click here to Download: What Is Your RMD? Your Required Minimum Distribution Guide

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