The Yield Drought 2.0

Barry Glassman, CFP®

With Ben Bernanke’s announcement yesterday that the Fed intends to keep rates near zero for the next two years, retirees and those who depend on income from their savings remain in a yield drought wasteland with no apparent end in sight.

The Glassman Wealth Services white paper, The Yield Drought – Retirees’ Greatest Challenge reveals the significant challenges created by the Fed’s policy “…the current low-interest rate environment may exist for longer than most retirees believe, and perhaps longer than they can afford.” 

Copyright Glassman Wealth Services, LLC.

Copyright Glassman Wealth Services®, LLC

It also presents strategies that may potentially boost returns without significantly increasing stock market or interest rate risk  “…The yield drought is here for the foreseeable future and investors need to be proactive and position their fixed-income portfolios with a well-planned strategy.”

The Yield Drought – Retirees’ Greatest Challenge