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The 5 Biggest Retirement Planning Mistakes

One of the primary reasons that clients come to us at Glassman Wealth Services is they want to know if, and when, they can retire. Just the thought of retirement can cause anxiety and many feel overwhelmed and unprepared. In fact, one of the biggest dilemmas for those approaching retirement is balancing the life they…

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The 5 Most Important Baby Boomer Retirement Problems

If bigger is better, then the Baby Boomers, some 76 million strong and the largest generation in US history, can consider itself large and in charge. This generation, born from 1946 to 1964, has wielded their influence on just about every aspect of American life and they continue to do so. They have more discretionary…

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Retirement Rules of Thumb Don’t Always Apply

I had a conversation recently with John Waggoner, the personal finance columnist for USA Today where we talked about the assumptions that many people still make about retirement, such as retirees will spend less money in retirement (they don’t), they can safely withdraw 4%-5% each year for living expenses (it depends), and the need to…

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