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The Changes to Retirement Rules in SECURE Act 2.0

In late December 2022, Congress passed a massive omnibus spending bill, dubbed “SECURE Act 2.0,” that included several big changes to retirement plans. This legislation comes in the wake of the original SECURE Act from three years ago (SECURE = Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement). The original Act raised the age at which…

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Implications of State Taxes in Relocations

With an increase in remote work, business owners and their employees are taking the opportunity to relocate across state lines. But whether for work or retirement, what are the possible tax implications of a move, particularly from a high-tax state to a low-tax state? With more high-tax states auditing these moves to recover lost tax…

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Traditional IRA vs. Roth IRA: Which is Best for You?

Saving for retirement shouldn’t be complicated, but with so many retirement savings options, from 401ks to IRAs and more, knowing the best way to save can be confusing. How much you make, whether you’re self-employed or have a company-sponsored retirement plan are just some of the criteria that will determine what solution is best for…

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