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Why are Emerging Markets Struggling in 2013?

Despite one of the sharpest rallies in US equities in recent memory, emerging market equities have been left curiously behind in 2013.  Through last Friday, the market segment was down 1.0%, compared to an S&P 500 index that was up 10.0%.  This seems to violate the regime that investors have gotten used to over the…

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China’s Growing Pains

For most of the past two years, investors have been pre-occupied with the fiscal catastrophe in Europe – and with good reason. However, the relative health of the world’s second largest economy arguably deserves more consideration. A year ago, China’s stock market led the broader emerging markets down due to pervasive inflation concerns. Official figures…

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Budding Inflation Concerns

While it is difficult to argue that inflation is officially a concern for the US, there is no doubt that inflation is heading higher. In each of the past three months, headline inflation – which includes the more volatile energy and food prices – exceeded economists’ expectations, the first time that this has occurred since…

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