Step Up Your Zoom / Studio Setup

Barry Glassman, CFP®

I started producing videos to educate people on money matters, taxes, and what’s going on in the economy—complex topics paired down to digestible nuggets. And after uploading them to social media, I kept receiving the same questions: What’s your Zoom setup? How are you doing that? Where’s your microphone? What’s your lighting setup?

After answering these questions one-on-one, I thought, “why not make videos explaining everything from a basic Zoom setup all the way to the ridiculous setup that I have, and everything in between.” So even if you pick up only a couple of nuggets on lighting or sound, hopefully these help you create a setup that works for you. Several links to the equipment I mention are posted below the videos.

Watch first: Step Up Your Zoom Setup

Then watch: The Gadgets That Make Videos Easy (Or Easier)

Glassman’s Video Setup Links


Amazon: Sony Alpha a6400 $900

Amazon: Sony ZV-1 $750


Amazon: Sigma 24mm Lens $720


You’ll likely need a Cam Link to connect camera to computer:

Amazon: Cam Link 4k $100

And constant power for a6400:

Amazon: Power Supply Adaptor $30


Mount camera to desk with an awesome arm and super clamp:

Amazon: Manfrotto Magic Arm (expensive but worth it) $140

Amazon: Manfrotto Super Clamp (to go with magic arm) $30

Amazon: Fomito Magic Arm (ridiculously cheap knockoff with decent reviews) $15


Inexpensive light panels:

Amazon: Neewer LED Softbox Lighting Kit $180

Over-the-top key light plus softbox:

Amazon: Aputure LED Light Ultimate Upgrade $750

Amazon: Aputure Light Dome Mini II (smaller softbox) $140

Amazon: Aputure Light Dome II (larger softbox) $180


You’ll need a hair light:

Amazon: CAME-TV Focusable LED Video Light $300


A microphone: Full Rode set up with boom stand!

Amazon: Rode VideoMic Studio Boom Kit $200

Or Lav mic, and don’t forget the extension cord!

Amazon: Rode SmartLav+ $80

Amazon: Rode Extension Cable $35


Badass Alexa-enabled power adapter: “Alexa, it’s showtime” to turn on all lights and camera:

Amazon: Kasa Smart Alexa Power Strip $27

A cute airpod charger / stand:

Amazon: elago D Stand Charging Station $18

A power hub:

Amazon: CalDigit TS3 Plus Thunderbolt 3 Dock $250

An inexpensive laptop stand:

Amazon: Adjustable Laptop Stand $26

An awesome additional little light for hair, fill, or background:

Amazon: Aputure LED Mini Light on Camera $45

A great stand for iPad or iPhone:

Amazon: Tryone Gooseneck Tablet Stand $22

Amazon: Tryone Gooseneck Phone Holder $15

And how about a Teleprompter? (you’ll need an old iPhone or iPad as a display)

Amazon: Glide Gear Adjustable Teleprompter $200