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Implications of State Taxes in Relocations

With an increase in remote work, business owners and their employees are taking the opportunity to relocate across state lines. But whether for work or retirement, what are the possible tax implications of a move, particularly from a high-tax state to a low-tax state? With more high-tax states auditing these moves to recover lost tax…

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What Do the New IRS Life Expectancy Tables Mean to You?

This article was originally published on Forbes on January 5, 2021.   New Changes for IRA and 401(k) Owners Likely Overhyped It’s been almost two decades since the IRS updated the life expectancy tables that govern IRA distributions. These tables calculate your annual required minimum distribution (RMD), which is the rate at which retirees over…

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10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Exiting Your Business

This article was originally published on Forbes on December 22, 2019.   We have had the pleasure of serving multiple entrepreneurs and business owners over the years at my firm, Glassman Wealth. Business owners often face unique issues when it comes to managing their financial portfolios, especially when it comes to planning for retirement. Unlike…

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Your Brokerage Statements Suck

This article was originally published on Forbes on March 8, 2018.   Your brokerage statements? They’re awful. Families are misinterpreting the information on their brokerage statements, and they are not being given the information they need to feel confident, comfortable, and well-informed when it comes to making financial decisions. If you own any investments with a…

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Supercharge Gifts To Kids With Roth IRAs

Teaching Kids About Money and Financial Education

As the summer winds down, kids are returning to school, pockets overflowing with cash earned from summer jobs/internships.  Is there an opportunity for these summer jobs to begin securing your child’s or grandchildren financial future?  You bet there is, and it has arrived gift wrapped within the tax code in the form of a Roth…

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