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Giving Back: Supporting the Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation

An important part of the culture here at Glassman Wealth Services is giving back to the communities where we live.  This past Saturday our team was able to get together outside of the office to support the Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation’s annual 5k fundraiser. Giving Back: Supporting the Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation This great organization supports economically disadvantaged mothers…

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Our 2016 Review of the Best Financial Advisors in the DC/MD/VA Area

One of the core foundational principles of our firm is transparency, and I’ve previously written articles about how important transparency is in business and in life. (See Transparency Wins!) I mention this because in full transparency, there are times we meet with potential clients and it’s just not the right fit. Perhaps they don’t meet our $2 million of…

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What we learned from David Rubenstein

Every now and then, we get the chance to speak to a global influencer with his or her finger on the pulse of businesses and economies around the world. Barry Glassman interviewed David Rubenstein for the third time earlier this summer at an event hosted by BisNow. David is a billionaire, philanthropist, DC resident, and co-founder…

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4 New Cyber Threats: Now It’s Personal

Imagine your social security number is sitting somewhere in a government or retail database, and that database gets hacked. Your personal information is sold on the black market to a cyber criminal, who opens up a credit card in your name, racks up a significant amount of debt and ruins your credit. While tools like…

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The Most Important Insurance You Probably Don’t Have

Last time you boarded an airplane, you probably sat down and closed your eyes, plugged in your headphones, or started a book.  You probably didn’t think about how your seat cushion would make a great flotation device if you needed it.  Umbrella insurance is like that airplane flotation device – the odds are pretty good that…

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