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Stop Sabotaging Your Portfolio

This article was originally published on Forbes on June 5th, 2018.   When it comes to their portfolio, investors might just be their own worst enemy. Of course they’re not intentionally sabotaging their success, but the evidence shows it’s still happening. In 2017, the stock markets seemed indestructible, and many investors felt that way as money…

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Predicting Market Returns: When Average Isn’t the Norm

The calm markets of 2017 may have lulled investors into thinking that stock returns are a smooth ride, but make no mistake, portfolio growth doesn’t occur in a straight line. Investors and clients constantly wonder: what sort of returns can they expect? Over the next year? Three years? Ten years? While forecasting short-term performance with…

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What Do Underwear Sales and Beer Consumption Have in Common?

This article was originally published on Forbes on February 28, 2018.   There are some “official” economic indicators that many people put faith in. Everything from the job report, to GDP growth, to consumer spending give the public an idea of where the market is heading. However, beyond the more serious indicators, there are some unusual…

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