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Will Your Travel Insurance Actually Cover You?

You’ve got some exciting things planned for you next vacation. You’re going ziplining, the kids are going bungee jumping, and you’re all looking forward to riding horses along the beach. Of course you’ve purchased travel insurance; you like to have fun but you aren’t one to take dumb risks. But those very activities you are…

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A Review of the Best Personal Finance Calculators

A good personal finance calculator should be simple to use and understand, but still provide valuable information to the user.  These types of calculators are challenging to find: Google searches tend to return a sizable list of tools, but many are attached to a sales pitch or annoying ads. Below is a small list of calculators…

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The Most Important Insurance You Probably Don’t Have

Last time you boarded an airplane, you probably sat down and closed your eyes, plugged in your headphones, or started a book.  You probably didn’t think about how your seat cushion would make a great flotation device if you needed it.  Umbrella insurance is like that airplane flotation device – the odds are pretty good that…

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5 Common Problems with Financial Planners

When we meet with prospective clients who are currently working with a financial planner or advisor, and they become clients of Glassman Wealth Services, it’s usually because of one thing: they are unhappy with the service they’re currently getting from their advisor. We rarely gain a client because they were unhappy with investment performance. Instead,…

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How Much Does a Long-Term Care Plan Cost?

The other day I was talking with a client couple who was trying to decide if they should purchase long-term care insurance (LTC). Since Glassman Wealth Services doesn’t sell insurance or make a commission on our insurance recommendations, our role is to educate clients about their options prior to engaging an insurance professional. We talked…

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