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Debt Crisis – Japan

Anytime you have to redraw or resize a chart to accommodate one piece of data – a severe outlier, if you will – you have to talk about it. Since it likely means something is amiss, you ignore it at your own peril. It begs the question, then, as to why the media, economists and…

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Do Nothing Congress

Conventional wisdom would support the notion that the division of power between Congress and the White House should be healthy for the nation’s economic environment. However, the idea that our political leaders will find a place of compromise has not been borne out by events such as the recent debt ceiling debate.  For Congress, the…

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The Yield Drought 2.0

With Ben Bernanke’s announcement yesterday that the Fed intends to keep rates near zero for the next two years, retirees and those who depend on income from their savings remain in a yield drought wasteland with no apparent end in sight. The Glassman Wealth Services white paper, The Yield Drought – Retirees’ Greatest Challenge reveals…

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