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Estimated Tax Payments Made Easy

As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” And if you own your own business or earn income from a partnership, those taxes can be a bit more complicated. The IRS makes you pay taxes as you earn, rather than waiting until April 15th…

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Why Do I Need A Will for Estate Planning?

Wills and Estate Planning

Jim and his wife had a falling out. During a lengthy legal process, their divorce was not yet finalized when Jim passed away suddenly. He assumed his house, bank account, and investments would all be left to the kids, but depending on the state, those assets could be left in part or in whole to…

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Our 2016 Review of the Best Financial Advisors in the DC/MD/VA Area

Check out our updated 2018 list here! One of the core foundational principles of our firm is transparency, and I’ve previously written articles about how important transparency is in business and in life. (See Transparency Wins!) I mention this because in full transparency, there are times we meet with potential clients and it’s just not the right fit. Perhaps…

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