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10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Exiting Your Business

This article was originally published on Forbes on December 22, 2019.   We have had the pleasure of serving multiple entrepreneurs and business owners over the years at my firm, Glassman Wealth. Business owners often face unique issues when it comes to managing their financial portfolios, especially when it comes to planning for retirement. Unlike…

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How To Use 529 Plans To Leverage A Wealth Transfer

The 2017 Tax Act improved 529 plans, adding provisions that allow plan balances to be used to pay K-12 tuition.  Prior to 2018, 529 funds could only be used to post-secondary educational expenses.  Here are some new wealth transfer strategies that 529 plans can now fulfill. Intro to 529 plans First, a couple of basics…

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Is Your Spouse Hiding Money From You?

This article was originally published on Forbes on September 22, 2017.   I’ve seen quite a few clients go through divorces over the years. Some were messy and contentious, some actually were amicable, some started off in a good direction but headed downhill quickly. One lesson I’ve learned from all of these scenarios is that, no…

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Supercharge Gifts To Kids With Roth IRAs

Teaching Kids About Money and Financial Education

As the summer winds down, kids are returning to school, pockets overflowing with cash earned from summer jobs/internships.  Is there an opportunity for these summer jobs to begin securing your child’s or grandchildren financial future?  You bet there is, and it has arrived gift wrapped within the tax code in the form of a Roth…

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What We’re Reading: Why didn’t they teach me this in school? By Cary Siegel

It’s a shame that personal finance isn’t a part of every high school and college curriculum. Even the very basics, like 401(k)s and basic saving techniques might have managed to slip by countless graduates. This extremely straightforward and accessible book is perfect for recent college grads and hopefully will provide actionable advice about their finances…

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Giving Back: Supporting the Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation

An important part of the culture here at Glassman Wealth Services is giving back to the communities where we live.  This past Saturday our team was able to get together outside of the office to support the Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation’s annual 5k fundraiser. Giving Back: Supporting the Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation This great organization supports economically disadvantaged mothers…

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