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How to Think Like a Start Up

Glassman Wealth Services is four years old, and manages $675 million in assets. Yet even now, we still deliberately try to think like a startup — and we think this is key to the firm’s success. A recent conversation with a peer made this clear to me. Find out how and why we maintain our…

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Shipping: Globalization’s Lifeblood

From refrigerated freighters and container ships to car carriers and supertankers, the world’s shipping industry has played an incredibly key role in transporting 90% of the world’s food, products and energy while helping to transform the global economy along the way. Each year, some 86,000 ships move more than 9 billion tons of cargo –…

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Red, White and Bacon Blues: U.S. to Lose Another Iconic Brand

Back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, when Japanese companies bought Rockefeller Center and Pebble Beach along with other properties long considered U.S treasures, a collective cry went out that we were losing control of legendary pieces of our history. It just seemed wrong. Fast forward a few decades later, now it’s Smithfield Foods, the…

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