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How the value of the dollar impacts investment portfolios

This is one post in a series based on our “Quarterly Questions & Answers.” Each post covers one of the important topics we discuss with our wealth management clients.  Today’s topic is: The dollar seems to drive so much, from the stock market to interest rates and oil prices. How am I exposed in my portfolio? The dollar has…

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Why Don’t We Have Higher Inflation?

Each month the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases a detailed report on inflation, compiling price information for thousands of goods and services with a goal of measuring the change in the cost of living for an average person. If these prices are going up, we have inflation.  If they’re going down, we have deflation.  People…

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2015: Is it a year to buy or sell?

Barry Glassman weighs in on “What’s hot and what’s not in 2015” on WJLA’s Washington Business Report with Rebecca Cooper. This week’s round table focused on what to look out for on the financial scene in 2015 as reported by ABC7’s Washington Business Report, January 11, 2015. “There are three real big elements, two [of]…

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4 Reasons Why The Stock Market Hasn’t Reached Its Peak

As the stock market continues to reach new highs, I’m hearing more discussions and debates from investors to analysts about when it’s expected to top out. In fact, many clients at Glassman Wealth Services are asking this very question. While I don’t presume to predict the tops or bottoms of markets, here are 4 reasons…

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