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Social Media Mistakes While Traveling

You may not know it, but you’re telling the world you’re not home Are you the kind of person to make sure there’s a light or two on while you’re away for a week? Maybe you even have a timer or the technology to switch it on and off. If that’s the case, why do…

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What Does A Laptop Ban Mean for You?

The U.S Transportation Security Administration recently lifted it’s ban on laptops and large electronics for flights from several Middle Eastern countries. For the time being they have increased security protocols and requirements for airlines, but that does not mean the ban is going to be completely out the window for future flights. It could very easily…

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How are you protecting my information?

This is one post in a series based on our “Tough Questions for Your Advisor.” Each post covers one of the important topics we discuss with our wealth management clients.  Today’s topic is: How are you protecting my information? Cyber criminals have a powerful arsenal of tools they can use to attack your identity and financial data. There are…

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4 New Cyber Threats: Now It’s Personal

Imagine your social security number is sitting somewhere in a government or retail database, and that database gets hacked. Your personal information is sold on the black market to a cyber criminal, who opens up a credit card in your name, racks up a significant amount of debt and ruins your credit. While tools like…

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