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Wellness at Glassman Wealth

It has been almost seven months since we began the Glassman Wealth Wellness Initiative. We have had a variety of seminars and experiences, including a wellness challenge for our more competitive team members, an acupuncturist for those of us who are not needle-shy, and a one-on-one coaching sessions with Jen Wood, a certified Health &…

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Social Media Mistakes While Traveling

You may not know it, but you’re telling the world you’re not home Are you the kind of person to make sure there’s a light or two on while you’re away for a week? Maybe you even have a timer or the technology to switch it on and off. If that’s the case, why do…

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Will Your Travel Insurance Actually Cover You?

You’ve got some exciting things planned for you next vacation. You’re going ziplining, the kids are going bungee jumping, and you’re all looking forward to riding horses along the beach. Of course you’ve purchased travel insurance; you like to have fun but you aren’t one to take dumb risks. But those very activities you are…

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Giving Back: Are Your Charity Dollars Going To Waste?

Giving back to the community is an important priority for many clients, and is a big part of what we do at Glassman Wealth. When you’re donating to a charity whether it is your local church, community center, or to a cause that could change the world like cancer research, your charitable giving can make a…

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Giving Back: Supporting the Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation

An important part of the culture here at Glassman Wealth Services is giving back to the communities where we live.  This past Saturday our team was able to get together outside of the office to support the Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation’s annual 5k fundraiser. Giving Back: Supporting the Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation This great organization supports economically disadvantaged mothers…

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Culture Matters: The Impact of Onboarding at Glassman Wealth Services

Imagine a company onboarding experience intentionally engineered to jumpstart employees’ growth and empower them to thrive in their roles.  This was what I experienced in my first 90 days at Glassman Wealth.  Here’s how: Personalize the Experience The experience was personal.  When I arrived on day one, I could see a balloon beaming “Welcome” before…

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