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Show Them, Don’t Tell Them

One of most common things you’ll hear within the walls of Glassman Wealth is the motto of “Show Them, Don’t Tell Them.” We truly believe that to stand out and have lasting impact – you need to show the value, versus just talking about it. This type of situation occurred just this morning – and…

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What we learned from David Rubenstein

Every now and then, we get the chance to speak to a global influencer with his or her finger on the pulse of businesses and economies around the world. Barry Glassman interviewed David Rubenstein for the third time earlier this summer at an event hosted by BisNow. David is a billionaire, philanthropist, DC resident, and co-founder…

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4 Reasons Why The Stock Market Hasn’t Reached Its Peak

As the stock market continues to reach new highs, I’m hearing more discussions and debates from investors to analysts about when it’s expected to top out. In fact, many clients at Glassman Wealth Services are asking this very question. While I don’t presume to predict the tops or bottoms of markets, here are 4 reasons…

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The Best Online Financial Password Managers: Reviews and Ratings

Password managers are a great way to improve how you protect your personal information online. Since most of what we do is online nowadays, we essentially have an online account for everything – bank accounts, investment accounts, shopping accounts, email and the list goes on. Much of this information is private so it’s vital that…

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Top 3 Financial Apps for Managing Your Money

With the rapid development of mobile devices and technology, we live in an “app” filled world. It seems like there is an app for just about anything you need, and if there isn’t, (and you are techy enough) you can develop one on your own. Often times, one of us at Glassman Wealth Services is…

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A Review of What Makes Working with Charles Schwab so Important for Financial Advisors and Their Clients

While just about all investment advisors and brokers must have their client’s assets with one particular custodian, or brokerage firm, Glassman Wealth Services is different. As fiduciaries, we are in the unique position of highlighting the value of various custodians, and have relationships with dozens of them. In fact, our comprehensive reporting brings in our…

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