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Who Do You Trust to Administer Your Trust?

Selecting the person in charge of your trust At the time of your passing, or possibly even before (living trust trustee), the trustee of your estate becomes legally responsible for managing trust assets and carrying out the duties you’ve set forth. Drawing up your estate documents and thinking about distribution of your hard-earned assets can…

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Estate Planning Tip: Creditor Protection for IRAs & Beneficiaries

This article was originally published on Forbes on December 9, 2016. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are great tax-deferred savings vehicles, but tax deferral isn’t the only benefit IRAs offer. One potential benefit is creditor protection in the event of a bankruptcy. But when you pass away, are your beneficiaries protected? Investors should know how their assets…

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Why Do I Need A Will for Estate Planning?

Wills and Estate Planning

Jim and his wife had a falling out. During a lengthy legal process, their divorce was not yet finalized when Jim passed away suddenly. He assumed his house, bank account, and investments would all be left to the kids, but depending on the state, those assets could be left in part or in whole to…

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How to read your credit report

Credit Score (photo credit: Creative Commons

Many financial websites and professionals recommend checking your credit report every year as one of the best ways to live a healthy financial life, yet no one tells you what to look for. It’s like asking for a blood test without knowing how to interpret the results. You know it’s a good idea to check, but…

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