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The Changes to Retirement Rules in SECURE Act 2.0

In late December 2022, Congress passed a massive omnibus spending bill, dubbed “SECURE Act 2.0,” that included several big changes to retirement plans. This legislation comes in the wake of the original SECURE Act from three years ago (SECURE = Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement). The original Act raised the age at which…

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It’s Time to Earn More Interest on Your Cash

I have a confession to make. Every time I look at my bank statement, I feel cheated. Remember being taught about compound interest and savings as a child? Put some money in the bank, earn interest, and the money grows. Well, that stopped happening around the time of the 2008 Great Recession when interest rates…

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The 5 Reasons Inflation Is Falling

The past year has been a rough time for the American consumer. The specter of inflation, which had not reared its ugly head in the official numbers since the early 80s, returned with a vengeance. July 2022 inflation marked an 8.5% increase over the prior year as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This…

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Don’t Botch Your Tax Return

Tax Day 2022

There are few things more nerve-racking than receiving a letter from the IRS about a prior tax filing. You know the letter, stating you owe more in tax than you thought with barely any explanation as to why? In our experience at Glassman Wealth, there are a few ways to avoid this. Every spring, taxpayers…

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Are Financial Advisors Worth the Cost?

It’s now possible to invest for basically nothing. On one side of the cost spectrum are firms like Vanguard and Betterment, who are commoditizing low-cost investing. On the other side are the old-school brokers, potentially selling expensive investment and insurance products to clients. Somewhere in the middle of the cost spectrum is the comprehensive, fiduciary…

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