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What Do Underwear Sales and Beer Consumption Have in Common?

This article was originally published on Forbes on February 28, 2018.   There are some “official” economic indicators that many people put faith in. Everything from the job report, to GDP growth, to consumer spending give the public an idea of where the market is heading. However, beyond the more serious indicators, there are some unusual…

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Don’t Be Ashamed You’re Holding So Much Cash

This article was originally published on Forbes on February 23, 2018.   If You’ve Been Stockpiling Cash—You’re Not Alone. Here’s What You Need To Do Next. The market has been breaking records, and you have been sitting on a ton of cash. It might be hard to admit if you missed out on some of these…

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Open Letter to the Newswomen of NewsBash 2018

Open letter to the Newswomen who Bashed Breast Cancer last night: Bravo. What an exceptional event last night! Thanks to you, a sell-out crowd witnessed an emotional and inspirational evening; all while changing the lives of  women of the District. You were able to raise over $40,000 that will go directly to saving lives and giving…

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Five Reasons You’re Not Maximizing Your Rewards Program

This article was originally published on Forbes on February 20, 2018.   You’ve heard about bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but have you forgotten your own alternative currency? You’ve likely been accumulating credit card points or miles, but are you cashing out these points for less than they’re worth? Collecting points on a credit card has never been easier.…

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Why You Should Build a Giving Portfolio – Today

This article was originally published on Forbes on January 26, 2018.   Many of us spend countless hours analyzing every facet of our investment portfolios—including looking at past performance and future projections of what we hope to accomplish through our decisions to buy and sell assets. Forward-thinking parents even make the time to sit down with…

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