IRS tax scams, phishing, and how to protect yourself

You just returned from a busy day at the office, when you receive a threatening voicemail.  Your caller ID says it’s the IRS, and someone filed a fake tax return on your behalf, wanting to claim your refund. They ask you to call back with your Social Security number to verify your identity before discussing […]

The secret recipe inside your credit score


Have you checked your credit report in the past year? If not, you may want to take a look. Although credit is just one small part of your overall financial picture, bad credit can impact other parts of your life. The most common examples are obtaining a car loan or mortgage at a low rate. […]

Planning Your Income in Retirement: Retirement Income Isn’t What Was Promised


Retirement income is not what you were promised! Sure, you understood that retirement wouldn’t be like it was for previous generations, who had pensions and Social Security caring for most of their needs. But, the idea was to build up a large enough portfolio so that you could “live on interest, and not touch the […]

How Much Does a Financial Advisor (Planner) Cost?

At some point, many people come to a place where they need to hire professional help, especially when it comes to managing their wealth and future. For those who don’t have the time to manage their own investments, or want access to on-going professional financial advice, working with a financial planner or investment advisor can […]

The Four Types of Financial Advisors


Ask a friend how much they pay their financial advisor. Often we hear the answer “I really should know this, but I’m not sure.” Why? Our industry has done a great job of making advisor compensation complex, and different types of advisors are paid in various ways. This article will explain the four different types […]

4 New Cyber Threats: Now It’s Personal


Imagine your social security number is sitting somewhere in a government or retail database, and that database gets hacked. Your personal information is sold on the black market to a cyber criminal, who opens up a credit card in your name, racks up a significant amount of debt and ruins your credit. While tools like […]

Why Don’t We Have Higher Inflation?


Each month the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases a detailed report on inflation, compiling price information for thousands of goods and services with a goal of measuring the change in the cost of living for an average person. If these prices are going up, we have inflation.  If they’re going down, we have deflation.  People […]

The Most Important Insurance You Probably Don’t Have


Last time you boarded an airplane, you probably sat down and closed your eyes, plugged in your headphones, or started a book.  You probably didn’t think about how your seat cushion would make a great flotation device if you needed it.  Umbrella insurance is like that airplane flotation device – the odds are pretty good that […]