Cash Flow Solved With a Margin Loan: Why “Margin” Isn’t Always a Bad Word


Quarterly estimated tax payments or other large expenses can create cash flow challenges in situations where a client doesn’t have cash on hand because income distributions from their small business or employer are inconsistent.  These large cash outflows such as tax payments, home improvements, college tuition or other major expenses may not coincide with their cash flow and it’s necessary to […]

The Truth Behind Your “Retirement Number” for Planning Retirement Income


Have you ever been watching TV only to be interrupted by a commercial asking you to figure out your “retirement number?” You know, everyone has one – the amount of money you need to retire. In the commercials, cheery folks walk around with their figure under their arm, smiling, while a calming voice instructs you […]

What are those letters after my financial advisor’s name?

What do those financial advisor certifications mean?

You’ve surely noticed the letters and initials following your advisor’s name and wondered what all those financial advisor certifications mean. With over 100 designations to choose from, you might be asking yourself why you should care if your advisor is a CFP, CIMA, CFA, CPA, PFS, ChFC, CLU, CPWA, EA, AIF, or anything else.  To mock […]

How to Teach Kids About Money and Set Them Up for Financial Success

Teaching Kids About Money and Financial Education

Parents want the best for their children. They want them to excel in school and get into a good college. They want them to be passionate about a sport or hobby. They want their kids to be well-liked among their peers and to develop strong relationships and social networks. These are all examples of how […]

Your financial advisor should work with your family


You might also be interested in: Recipe for a Great Wealth Management Firm When a couple signs on as a new client, who is considered the client? At Glassman Wealth Services we have the philosophy that the parents and children of our clients are also our clients. Working with the entire family makes financial sense for […]

Recipe for a Great Wealth Management Firm


You might also be interested in: 6 Steps to Find the Best Financial Advisor Clients often ask us who our competitors are.  We believe in being transparent, so we provide a list of who we think are the top financial advisors in the DC area. Most firms that make our list are there for a reason: […]

Who is better for the stock market, Trump or Clinton?


This is one post in a series based on our “Quarterly Questions & Answers.” Each post covers one of the important topics we discuss with our wealth management clients.  Today’s topic is: Who is better for the stock market, Trump or Clinton? Many investors would assume that a billionaire, businessman president would be great for the stock market. And […]