4 New Cyber Threats: Now It’s Personal


Imagine your social security number is sitting somewhere in a government or retail database, and that database gets hacked. Your personal information is sold on the black market to a cyber criminal, who opens up a credit card in your name, racks up a significant amount of debt and ruins your credit. While tools like […]

Why Don’t We Have Higher Inflation?


Each month the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases a detailed report on inflation, compiling price information for thousands of goods and services with a goal of measuring the change in the cost of living for an average person. If these prices are going up, we have inflation.  If they’re going down, we have deflation.  People […]

The Most Important Insurance You Probably Don’t Have


Last time you boarded an airplane, you probably sat down and closed your eyes, plugged in your headphones, or started a book.  You probably didn’t think about how your seat cushion would make a great flotation device if you needed it.  Umbrella insurance is like that airplane flotation device – the odds are pretty good that […]

Tax-Related Identity Theft – What Is It and What to Do About It

What Is Tax-Related Identity Theft? Tax-related identity theft occurs when someone uses your personal information such as your Social Security number to file early in the tax season in the hopes of receiving a fraudulent refund. Often times, you will be unaware this has occurred until you file your tax return. The IRS will alert […]

Twitter for Seniors


Twitter is not just for the young. This article explains the many ways that seniors can use Twitter to keep up-to-date on…

How To Get More Impact Out Of Schwab Impact

Impact_2015 logo

Every year, Schwab puts together and hosts Impact – the Super Bowl of conferences for financial advisors. For four days, they transform a city and its convention center into a star-studded hub of knowledge, resources, advice, access and entertainment. So, now that you’ve paid for your flight, hotel and registration fee (not an insignificant sum), […]

Traditional Medicare vs Medicare Advantage Plans: Which is Best?

Medicare Survival Guide cover

As our clients approach age 65, the conversation always seems to turn to Medicare. If they don’t bring it up, I do because this government healthcare program can be confusing, leaving many with a fear of not having the information necessary to make an educated decision. When applying for Medicare benefits, there is a decision […]