Event Replay: Rohit Bhargava

Glassman Wealth Tackles Non-Obvious Thinking

In a time with so much advancement in technology and changes in the way we live, now is the perfect time to hear a futurist's perspective on what our lives may be like in the coming years.

Rohit Bhargava is the founder of the Non-Obvious Company, a best-selling author (his latest is The Future Normal: How We Will Live, Work, and Thrive in the Next Decade), a sought-after speaker, and a professor of public speaking and persuasion at Georgetown University.

Our fascinating conversation covered a variety of topics centered on Rohit's new normal, non-obvious perspectives on:

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Energy
    • Food
    • Health

Our hopes are that you'll:

    • learn about some innovations you didn't know existed,
    • think about the world a little differently, and
    • leave feeling just a bit more optimistic about the near future.


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About Rohit Bhargava

Rohit Bhargava is on a mission to inspire more non-obvious thinking in the world. He is the 3-time Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of nine books and is widely considered one of the most entertaining and original speakers on trends, innovation, and marketing in the world.

Rohit has been invited to deliver sold-out keynotes and workshops in 32 countries around the world to change the way teams and leaders think at the World Bank, NASA, Intel, LinkedIn, MetLife, Under Armour, Univision, Disney, and hundreds of other well-known organizations.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur and founding two companies, he spent 15 years leading brand strategy at Ogilvy and Leo Burnett where he advised global brands on human behavior, marketing, and storytelling.

Outside his speaking and consulting, Rohit has taught persuasive speaking and global marketing as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, is frequently quoted in the global media, and writes a monthly column on trends for GQ magazine in Brazil. Rohit lives in the Washington, DC area with his wife and is a proud dad of two boys. He loves the Olympics (he's been to five!) and actively hates cauliflower.