Planning Your Financial Future
You work so hard for your firm and your clients. Isn’t it time your personal finances got some attention? This site is here to provide easy to understand guidance for you, an attorney here in the Washington area. Enjoy.

Travis Russell, CFP®
Vice President and Client Advisor
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Why Attorneys Work With Us

Choosing a financial advisor isn't easy. The perfect firm for one person may not be the right fit for another. Here at Glassman Wealth, we understand this reality and know we're not the best solution for every attorney. That being said, we are the right choice for many.

Here's why we may be the right choice for you and your family:

Our clients are busy, high-net worth professionals, like you

They're successful, yet often too busy to effectively manage their wealth. They engage our services because they know as their wealth grows, the stakes become too high to ignore their own financial house.

Because we are a fiduciary firm, our recommendations and advice are unbiased

We are a fee-only, fiduciary firm. We accept no commissions or other incentives. We work solely in the best interest of our clients. (Why wouldn't you want a fiduciary?)

Advanced technology and research capabilities

Our research team is led by investment experts who construct our portfolios. These experts, equity and fixed-income analysts, market strategists and research specialists vet thousands of investment opportunities, while carefully considering costs, tax efficiencies and performance.

A team to put it all together and keep it together

It takes a multi-disciplinary team of financial professionals such as ours to address the many financial issues facing you and your family. Travis Russell, CFP and the team at Glassman Wealth will make the process easy right from the start.

Having worked with many attorneys, Travis knows that the demands of your profession leave you little time to adequately manage your finances. Imagine having the resources to manage your investments, look out for tax issues, identify estate planning opportunities and help you plan for retirement - all with one phone call and one team.

If you would like to know how Travis can help you and your family, please contact him at or call 703-534-4444.