Planning Your Financial Future
5 Questions to Ask Your Advisor Now

Sometimes, people are curious about their investments but just don’t know the right questions to ask. At Glassman Wealth Services, we love to empower clients. So, here are five questions to ask your advisor in June 2016. Click on the link to find out our answers!

  1. Every year or so, we get a scare about higher interest rates, which has not yet come to fruition. How am I currently position with interest rate risk?
  1. The Department of Labor has new rules over the advice of retirement accounts. How does this affect my retirement accounts, our relationship, and your overall business?
  1. The dollars seems to drive so much, from the stock market to interest rates and oil prices. How am I exposed in my portfolio?
  1. Mutual fund and exchange-traded funds (ETF) fees have dropped over the past few years. How have you adjusted my portfolio to take advantage of this?
  1. Who is better for the stock market, Trump or Clinton?